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The Ionian Islands are like the seven miracles of the world. The Ionian islands are 7 great destinations for sea holidays.

Tourism is one of the leading resources of the residents. Traditional tavernas, built next to the sea and picturesque streets of the islands lend a unique character to the islands. Do not forget to try the traditional dishes and traditional sweets of the Ionian Sea, and other traditional local wines. September is the harvest season for the residents.

For those who wish to travel by air, the Ionian islands are served by the airport of Corfu, Cephalonia and Zakynthos and Lefkada is served by Aktion Airport (20 km away). All the airports are connected to most cities in Europe.

The Ionian Islands are not affected by the wind, which in the Aegean region are frequent. In most areas the winds reach 4 Beaufort.

The visitors will not struggle to find their place of residence, as there are large hotels and many smaller ones, which meet all the conditions for a better stay.

The smiling faces of the residents are ready to give any information to the visitors.

In the following links you can find more information and some interesting thinks to do in your staying in Lefkada.

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