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Zakynthos is a city and a municipality unit on the island of Zante. It is the capital city of the island and has a rich history over the centuries. In Town you may stroll at the historic St. Mark's Square.

When the island was under Venetian rule most of the buildings were built of Venetian style. One of the most famous monuments left by this time is Venetian Castle. Is a very picturesque town and the view of the port from the Venetian Castle is magnificent.

One of the most famous sight is the Solomos museum. The museum is named from the Greek poet Dionysos Solomos who wrote the Greek national anthern.

Also worth, seeing the main Church of the island St.Dionysos which has a wonderful and worthwhile collection of art.

For your accommodation, the city has managed to satisfy all your desires. You can find everything, hotels units, studios, villas ,restaurants, bar, banks, tourist office and many shops for your needs.

Zakynthos is a beautiful city and the center, with public transportation,  gives you the opportunity to visit various villages and beaches.

It is a very common and well - known tourist destination that who visited said that satisfied their expectations.


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