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Around a deep and sheltered bay with narrow entrance is located, Vathi, one village of Ithaki. Vathi is the capital and the main harbor of the island.

Being the capital of Ithaki, Vathi is cultural and commercial centrer of the island, this does not mean that it loses the beauty of. It is a picturesque village and on  the hill above the Vathi, there is a castle built 1807. The view from up there is breathtaking.

Vathi is a traditional village and for these reason, residents decided by law since 1978 that the colour, in the buildings and houses, is prohibited.

Is an area that deserves to come and join, has many sights to admire.

Some of these are the beautiful houses of G. Karavias, G. Drakoulis and of course the residence of Odysseas Androutsos. Religious sites are the churches of Agios - Georgios (Saint - George) and the Presentation of the Virgin.

Also, a visiting in Museums will learn about the history of the Vathi.

Regarding for your accommodation, you will find many hotels and rooms for rent. Has taverns, restaurants, cafes, club and bar for your entertainment.

It is a beautiful place to be...and your holiday there will be unforgettable.

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