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St.George South

A huge sandy beach 8 kilometre long gives you the chance to enjoy swimming on a popular beach or away from everyone. At the northern part of this beach, there is Issos beach, with unique Mediterranean dunes , a cedar forest and finally the Korission Lagoon.

It is 35 kilometres south of Corfu town and Corfu airport. Clean water and endless sand offer a safe place for the children to play . The dunes, the cedar forest and the lagoon give you the opportunity to walk and exercise and enjoy a wonderful landscape in reward.

Here you can practise glider riding, swimming, scuba diving, water sports . Boat trips will give you the chance to visit the desert islands Lagoudia . Cycling , trekking or motorbike riding offer you the possibility to visit the nearby historic villages, like Argyrades and Chlomo (the village that welcomed the last heir of the Palaiologos dynasty - a brother of the last Byzantine Emperor ), as well as some of the most deserted and beautiful villages of Corfu.

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