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Meganisi is a picturesque island in the Ionian Sea, 4 nautical miles southeast (SE) in Lefkada.

It is the largest of a group of islands (Scorpios, Thilia, Kithros, and others), which are the administrative district of the City Meganissi (Tafion) called Tilevoides.

Has an area of ​​19.85 km ². km, belongs to the province of Lefkada and has three villages: Vathi, Katomeri and Spartochori. Each with its own uniqueness and beauty are the main settlements with a total population of 2,000 inhabitants.

The traditional architecture, the hospitality, the quiet life, sceneries, picturesque bays with the taverns, the restaurants and entertainment, the breathtaking views, lush landscapes and crystal waters, create an ideal environment for holidays .

The St. John Spilia, the slippers, Ambelakia, Atherinos Faros, Limonari, Elia, Loutrolimni and Bereta are the most famous beaches and caves Papanikoli and Giovani are worth a visit.

There is a regular bus service from Nidri 16 km south of Lefkada along the eastern coastline.
Refrain from Nidri 4 nautical miles and 1 ½ nautical miles from Scorpios. The transportation is by ferry (ferry - boat) on the island. There are regular services from Nidri to Meganisi (Cave & Deep). Furthermore, every day there are routes to Ithaca and Kefalonia.

The course, which lasts 25 minutes, is magical after the visitor has the opportunity to admire many small islands that are scattered around Meganisi and among them Madouri the old mansion Valaoritis and Scorpio, ownership of the Onassis family.

The island has a good road network and local transportation.
Every year is full of locals and tourists, has developed marine tourism and to serve tourists as hotels, rooms and apartments.
Also you can find surfing in St. John, cycling with pedalos the Caves, while the area around the island is ideal for sailing.
Even local tours by boat to the Cave Papanikoli and around the island.



The Cave Papanikoli

Meganisi is a small wooded island with olive and pine trees reaching the edge of the sea.It also has several bays shelter boats that sail in the Ionian and caves.
The most famous is the Cave of Papanikolis. It is a sea cave on the southwestern tip of the island with a depth of around thirty meters and sand inside.

Tradition says it was one of the hideouts of the submarine for Papanikolis not spot it. Also significant caves are cave of Giovani and cave of Demons.

Monastery of St. John the Baptist

The small monastery of St. John the Baptist, is built on the pebbly beach to the west of Meganissi. You may not have to show great murals or distinctive architectural features, but has a long history. Without fully confirmed, tradition says was founded before 1477. It is said to have been destroyed by pirates who threw the image of St. sea which was recovered in the nets of a fisherman. In 1800, the monk John Patrick, from a rich family and very dear both in Ithaca and Meganissi which he visited often, sent a nun to rebuild.

The nun said that she, with her assistant in Meganisi Vasilis Politis, diakonefe constantly to achieve its purpose, went so far as the Tsar of Russia to raise the needed money. In the end succeeded. The monastery was rebuilt and the nun remained there until her death. The grave lies between the foundations of the old and the new wall of the sanctuary.


In Meganissi there are small, beautiful beaches, fjords formation: The St. John Spilia, the slippers, Ambelakia, Atherinos, Limonari are the most famous beaches of Meganissi.

In the islands of Kalamos and Kastos swim in quiet, secluded, pebbled beaches, accessible mainly by sea.


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