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Local Products

Below you can find some information about the most famous products that are produced locally in Zante:

Zakynthos,Mandolato and sesame cake

Zakynthos with its local traditional sweets and specially with the Mandolato and Sesame cake(Pasteli)is constituting as a point of state in the shoppings of the visitors. There is also a big production of a special quality olive oil, drained grape, wine, local oil-cheese (spicy cheese which is maturing in olive oil), etc. The Grape is cultivating and using not only as victuals, but also for making other products as the alcohol. The Wine has a special perfume, colour and taste while is existing a lot of varieties, between them is the "mastelado", which is the characteristic type of wine, of the mountainous Zakynthos. As an island full of olive trees allocates as the main thing of production, the genuine zakynthian olive oil, which is, in an exceptional quality. Even, the zakynthian honey is known for its cleanliness and its genuiness.

The famous red onions of Zante that are sweetest.

Wine of the Verdea Mastelado (Panagia Becruliotissa) variety and flowers bugarini, granduca

Tsantsamini (yasmine)


Olive Oil


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