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Zante is famous for its wonderful beaches, one of the busiest and most known beach is Laganas.

Laganas beach is sandy with crystal clear waters and  is located in the Southern coast of Zante and has lenght close to 5km.

If you imagine your holidays with frenetic nightlife, Laganas is what you're looking for. There are plenty of bars, restaurants, taverns and satisfy all tastes. The area has many night club and bar emitting a party atmosphere throught the night untill the morning. An ideal place for people who want to have fun all night and all day.

For your accommodation, you still have many options with a variety of studios,rooms and hotels. Also if you are conncered about your transportation, there are public vehicles that make regular service and help you to "discover" the island.

Striking is that the beach belongs to the National Marine Park, which works to protect the endangered Caretta -  Caretta sea turtles. This is a protected beach which is watched by ecologists at all times. If you want to see the turtles, some watersports are available for this, otherwise, waters sports are limited in compared with other regions.

The truth is that holiday in Laganas will be unforgettable, if you can follow the crazy rhythms.


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