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Kassiopi is an attractive village at the northeastern part of Corfu island, appr. 30 km from Corfu town and the airport. It is in beautiful surroundings created by mount Pantokrator (height 900 metres), endless olive groves, which cover the surrounding hills and the numerous small bays with pebbles formed by the rocky shore. It is a historic and picturesque village at the entrance of the northern part of the straights with the mainland and it still gives off something from its intense history.

Its small port gave refuge to ships travelling from the West to the East. The ship of the Roman Emperors used to arrive here. This is where Nero relaxed and sang his creations in front of the famous temple of Zeus Kassius.

Today, not much is left of this time. The Venetians, considering that it is hard to defend the castle and the port, blew up parts of the castle and evacuated the village. Few parts of the castle are left to remind us of this distant time, while on a church devoted to Virgin Mary has been built on top of the ancient famous temple of Zeus, which houses an icon considered to work wonders.

The resort offers all kinds of services to make you feel comfortable and to have an unforgettable vacation. From the port boats set off every day on day trips to distant beaches, isles and the coasts of Albania.

Don't miss the chance to visit non-coastal nearby areas, especially the mountainous villages, among which the uninhabited medieval settlement Sinies.

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