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One of the most famous marina's in the world . It is in the Ionian Sea, in the Gateway of the Adriatic Sea, at the beautiful and cosmopolitan island of Corfu, with great destinations within a short distance, like the complexes of Paxos , the Diapontian islands and Syvota.

The marina of Gouvia is just 7 km away from Corfu town and the international Ioannis Kapodistrias airport, in the beautiful Gouvia Bay.

Since ancient times , the sailors considered the port and the bay of Gouvia to be the safest port in the region between the Adriatic and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as a haven for amusement boats to enjoy the climate and the beauties of the island.

The Venetians , as the rulers of the sea that they were in the 17th century, chose the region to create a naval port and a shipyard , whose relics exist to this day.

Later, in the early 20th century , it is here that the touch-down way of the first flying boats was installed, creating the first "airport" of Corfu.

Tradition is maintained to this day, as sailing boats and powered craft from all over the world sail in the marina of Gouvia enjoying the beauties of the sea and the environment, the cool breeze and beautiful Corfu.

Moreover, here is the touch-down ground of the modern seaplanes that connect Corfu to nearby destinations.

The marina is perfectly organised and offers services of a high level and it works since 1996.

It's got a capacity of 960 yachts on stable and floating docks , approximately 560 storing places for yachts at the land, anchoring places from one day to 20 years for boats up to 80 metres long.

The 3.500 sq. m. of buildings area house commercial stores, boat, car and motorbike rental agencies, restaurants, bars, a port authority department, a gas station, a supermarket, laundries, WC and showers, while the outdoor facilities house a playground, a pool, sports facilities, even a cricket pitch - a sport with a long tradition in Corfu.

The marina offers full technical support to the ship. LIfting and launching the ship is done with a travel lift of 65 tons and a wheel-mounted crane of 45 tons. A smaller 5-ton crane and a ship transport vehicle serve other needs. Besides waterjet, painting and other works at the underwater body, several other maintenance and repair works take place here, like mechanical, electrical, electronic and carpenter works, repair of sails, uphostelry etc. For underwater repairals , underwater body inspections and other works, the marina will provide you with a diver.

On land , we offer the possibility to the customers to perform the desired works themselves , if they wish so, and to use the power and water facilities of the marina . Moreover, there is the possibility to keep the ship in an indoor space. The marina works throughout the year 24/7.

In the region there are luxurious hotels and traditional accommodation , while nearby there are the gulf course, horse-riding clubs, tennis clubs , among which the most ancient tennis club in Greece, downtown, and plenty of sea sports , which gives many options to the restless visitors.

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