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Myths - Beliefs - Traditions to areas of Zakynthos

  • A Zakynthian tradition
  • A Myth of Vrontonero in Kalamaki
  • A Zakynthian tradition for Kamara to Vrisakia in Argassi
  • A popular local tradition for 12 Wells of Androniou in Agalas
  • A folklore tradition on location "Tsi Grias to pidima" in Xirokastello Vasilikos

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Library of Zante

The Library is accommodated in the neoclassic building with the arches at the Solomos public square.

The same building also accommodates the cultural center and a cinema named “Ugo Foscolo”.

The Library with its ancient patrimony of three centuries, was destroyed during the great earthquake of 1953.

The Library was reconstructed six years after in the same place and since then it counts 55,000 books, number that continuous to increase.

The Library accommodates also the archives of the rich production of the local press and miniatures of traditional customs, photographic material, manuscripts and documents.

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It is about the book of the professor Dionisi Ziva, that was published by TEE at 2002. The book at the first part includes elements for the geographic position, the geology and the historical circumstances at the island from the ancient years until the britain possession in the middle of the ITH' century. Assets follow for the areas of Zakynthos, the elements and the ways of construction of lordly and rural houses, as also for the religious architecture. It includes rich bibliography, as also dictionary of special words that are used in the text and they are the most usual phrases architectic and technical conditions that are used at the island. The book is consisted from 200 pages total, it includes also 312 pictures that are mentioned the origin, as also the 6 big maps of the town plan of Zakynthos in different periods.


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Helmis Museum of Natural History is the only one of its kind on Zakynthos. Its opening ceremony took place on the 10th of October, 2000. The founder is Mr. Panayiotis Helmis. The Museum is located at Ayia Marina Village on Zakynthos island, in a beautiful, traditional building. The Museum's collections include specimens from the flora and fauna of the Zakynthian nature. The Museum is privately funded and aims at making the wonders of the Zakynthian Nature known beyond the island. Since the first day of its operation the Museum has been continuously making progress. Today, it is considered one of the most promising establishments of the kind in Greece and the Balkans. The Helmi's Natural History Museum is situated in Agia Mrina, a picturesqye village in the heart of the island with an amazing view to the city of Zakynthos and to the Laganas bay.

To get to the Helmi's Natural History Museum:

By car from the city of Zakynthos (15 minutes)
By car from Laganas (20 minutes)

The museum is open to the public all year round.
Opening hours 9 am to 14 pm (from 1/11 to 30/4) 9 am to 18 pm (from 1/5 to 30/10)
Tel : 26950 65040, 26950 62282, 0974892996
Fax : 26950 65039
Email :

The 'Milaneio Naval Museum' is located in Tsilivi and has the pan Hellenic exclusivity to include some aquarelles that depict the evolutionary progress of the naval history of the Greek nation and they are a worldwide exclusivity. It is a unique historical account. Naval objects of famous ships and photographic material are also on display for the viewing pleasure of the museum visitors.

Museum of Epifanon: In 1966, according to the plans of A. Katsiki, it was created on the remains of the church of Pantokratora. Personal items of Solomos and Kalvos are kept. There are also the mausoleums and portraits of Foskolos, Romas, Xenopoulos, Tertsetis, and the trimorph picture where the “Friendly” sworn.

Museum of Post-byzantine Art: At the square of Solomos stands gorgeously the museum that accommodates samples of the Hagiography of Zakynthos, which are about thousand mobile pictures with clear influences from the Crete College and the Italic Rebirth. At the ground floor you can admire the old town of Zakynthos as an artwork, which is a working of Gianni Matesi. It is worth standing at the temples of Pantokratora, which is a working of the year 1621, and also at the temples of Saint Andrew at Volime.

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