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If you want to be enchanted by the natural beauty and crystal turquise waters ideal place for a vacation are Antipaxi. This little gem of the Ionians is only 3 n.m. from the port of Gaios.

This island has been characterized by many "earthly paradise", the turquise waters, white sand of the beaches and the dense vegenation on the hills compose an image that will leave you speechless.

Swim in the magic beaches of Boutoumi ang Vrika.

A road leads from the port of Agrapidia to the settlements passing by beautiful houses and vineyards.

Antipaxi have most 150 permanent residents, with work mostly with viniculture. The local varieties of grapes produce a rich red and unique wine.

The whole island resembles a great vineyard.

Antipaxi island offer the visitor an unforgettable holiday experience.

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