Cycling and Walking

There are several places to hire mountain bikes in the area. They are reasonably cheap and crash hats are provided. Greek would never think of taking them but other holidaymakers are not always as honest as your hosts. Check the saddles too - they can be pretty hard and you may want to tape from foam rubber around them.

As to walking roads are generally very narrow with no pavement so take care. Cars travel fast and coaches and taxis hurtle around at frightening speeds. Drivers don't give way for anyone, ignore road signs and speed limits. There is a 20km (12mph) speed limit in some villages that is almost totally ignored.


Moreover you can do many adventurous activities by choosing among many options, sich as hiking, mountaineering, cycling. You can even do you favourite water sport, as long as there are many sea-side water sport centres. You can choose between surfing, windsurfing, diving, parachute, parapente and more...

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General Information