The municipality of Zante includes the island of Zakynthos and Islets Strofadia.

It is the only municipality in Greece which is equivalent to a county and this happened in the last administrative reform of Kallikratis.

Zakynthos is the third largest and southernmost of the four prefectures of the Ionian Islands. Zante island with 39,015 inhabitants, according to the census of 2001, is the second largest island in the Ionians.

Located south of Kefalonia, west of the northwest side of the Peloponnese with a minimum distance of about 9 nautical miles from the coast of Ilia and 15 Km from Cape Kyllini from which there is a pass through ferryboats to the rest places of Greece. Zante is 100 Km from the nearest big city, Patras and 300 Km from Athens.

The Municipal of Zakynthos includes 6 modules: Zakynthos, Alikes, Arcadia, Artemisia, Elation and Laganas and 40 local communities.

Tourism is the most dynamic sector of the economy of the island and is also a vital and growing parameter. The "explosion" of tourism and the beginning of significant investment was the 1980's and continues today. The development of the tourism sector has been accompanied by rapid development of technical infrastructure and the rapid development of local markets and local economy. The economic crisis does not seem to affect figures at least, the arrivals of tourists and has great consequences on the qualitative composition of the tourists. The system «all inclusive» many hotels bring big hit small tourism businesses focus mainly.

From myth ...

Dardanus, the son of Zeus and Electra, married the daughter of Phrygia's king, and bore two sons, Erichthonios and Zakynthos. Zakynthos expatriated in Arcadia, from where with his crew and ships, sailed to the island where he settled and gave it his name.

The island referred to in the "new list" of Homer, who describes it as "yliessa" (forest).

... to History

Dutring the historical times there is much information about Zakynthos that is given by ancient writers, such as Herodotus, Thucydides, Pausanias.

In the middle of the fifth century Zakynthos belongs to the Athenian League and took part in the Peloponnesian war the Athenians.


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