The municipality of Ithaki belongs administratively to the region of the Ionian Islands, and consists of the community of Vathi and seven districts. Ithaki belongs to the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Lefkada. It has a total population of 3084 residents according to the last census of 2011. It consists of the historical City of Ithaca (Vathi) and seven other Districts, that are mountainous and coastal. In the peak tourist season during the summer months, the population grows more than doubles.

Ithaca is the island home of Odysseus and it is one of the most popular islands in Greece. Not only in the present, but also in antiquity and mythology. Homer in his epics has left a legacy to foreign and Greek scholars, who have debated and worked years with this project. In addition to Homer, older writers such as Akousilaos, said that Ithakos, Niritos and Polyktor were the three sons of King Pterelaou who was from Jupiter. The wife of Odysseus, Penelope, was the daughter of king Icarus and Polykastis. The Iliad and Odyssey of Homer certainly could not be written in a condensed version. These two works of great historical significance, have made ​​the history of Ithaki known world wide. Despite centuries of invaders to the island, names and places remain unchanged to this day. The epics of Homer prove that Ithaca is the home of Odysseus.

Ithaki is the smallest of Ionian Islands in size and population after Paxos island, but famous in the world as long as it is the motherland of Homer's Odysseus.

Ithaca is an island of tradition, history, culture and all the habitats have a steadfast love for their land. th island has a rare beauty,it combines the wild and tame nature and different landscapes. Today, Ithaca as an island of outstanding natural beauty, it is evolved touristically, but without destroying its charm and tradition.

The capital of Ithaca is Vathi, a picturesque town with a tricky bay that embraces the island of Lazaretto and its two castles.

The island got its name from Ithaco, the island's first resident (Pterelao's son and brother of Polyktoras and Niritos) or according to mythology was the son of Poseidon and Amfimelis.
In another case, the name comes from the word Ithi (= cheerful) or originating from the Phoenician word Utika (= colony) or from the word Ithys (= steep).

Today, Ithaca is developing especially touristically, without destroying the charm and tradition. The internal and external tourism increases, visitors have the opportunity to experience the multifaceted island and Ithaca is not simply synonymous with only the home of Odysseus.

The spiritual and cultural level of Ithiakians and visitors of the island is high, as the phenomenon is associated with the glamor of Ithaca reserves the Homeric times, the good education that existed and exists, restless and indomitable spirit and irresistible Ithiakians' contact with other cultures.


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