The islands of Odysseus, Ithaka and Kefalonia, are located in the west of the mainland of Greece, in the Ionian Sea and belongs to the Ionian Islands. Administratively they come under the Prefecture of Kefalonia and Ithaca and the Ionian Islands Region, along with a few small uninhabited islands and islets.

Characteristics of Kefalonia’s geomorphology are the green plains and mountainous and hilly lands, the highest peak is on Mount Enos (1628 m) which is a National Forest. The coasts form safe bays, large headlands and steep slopes, revealing the intense geological phenomena that took place thousands years ago and separate the islands from mainland Greece. The climate is generally mild, mediterranean with hot summers and mild winters that ensure good conditions for exploring during the whole year.

The cultural character of this place was greatly affected by its strategic position, as long as it is the passage from mainland Greece in the Western Mediterranean. The long and turbulent history has left a rich cultural heritage that harmoniously integrates in the original Greek character, western European influences. At the crossroads of political and socio-economic developments over the time, the culture of the people stands out in a spirit of restless, stately simplicity and ingenuous pride that remind of the virtues of the favorite legendary king Odysseus.

The pictures in Kefalonia and Ithaca are far from the stereotypes of the Greek islands: the infinite paths in land and sea reveal dreamy beaches, green landscapes, rare geological phenomena and unique habitats. The culture unfolds through the simple Ionian architecture, the Venetian castles, the monuments and the relics of a long intellectual and religious tradition and a lively local gastronomy and wine, Rompola.

Lively and genuine island settlements, tourist resorts and picturesque ports discreetly avoid the hustle and bustle of the touristic mass and they generously offer their hospitality to those who can appreciate the majesty and beauty that lies in this journey itself.


Kefalonia is the biggest of the Ionian Islands and it covers an area of 700 s. kil. Kefalonia has almost 30.000 residents, and its capital is Argostoli.

Geographically, Kefalonia is surrounded by: Ithaki (on its northeast), Lefkada (on the north) and Zakinthos (on the south).

On the east Kefalonia is watered from the Patraiko Gulf and it is considered as a mountainous island along with the wonderful Aino Mountain to dominate in the island.

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